"Not only did I get the opportunity to walk on glass, but Dave also chose me to help him facilitate the glasswalk. A truly amazing experience that I will never forget!"

"Dave glasswalked me and my children. Not only was it a life-changing experience for all of us it continues to inspire me and my children to this day!"

"A few years ago my entire family firewalked with Dave Albin. The thought of glasswalking though scared the $%#@ out of both me and my boyfriend (who is a Marine). With a alittle encouragement from Dave, Micah and I both did it. We were married just a couple of months later!"

"I worked with Dave Albin at the Tony Robbins organization for over 15 years. Dave is at the top of his game when it comes to creating life-changing Team Building experiences!"

"Dave's glasswalk changed my life!"


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