The GlassWalk Experience

What doesn't challenge you does not change you.

The Glasswalk Experience



Next to our Firewalks, our Glasswalk experience is our Corporate favorite. We have facilatated this event for NASA, Google, Notre Dame, REMax, and many other Corporations, Businesses, Colleges, Organizations of all sorts, including Grammer, Middle and High Schools.

Many a breakthrough will happen when your group experiences the arrow break. A very safe and powerful way to create a shift in ones belief system.

NOTE: max 100 participant’s with this promotion.

NOTE: arrows are $6.00 each additional.

Up to a full 3-Hour Custom Keynote Motivational & Inspirational Presentation designed around your Company's theme, launch or event... Your Keynote Speaker and GlassWalk Instructor will be none other than Dave Albin.

Dave facilitated a World Record Firewalk with over 12,000 people for Tony Robbins in 2005.

Additionally, he facilitated a World Record GlassWalk in 2019 for over 1,500 articipants in Paris.

Your glasswalk package includes everything mentioned above

experiences are customized to fit your indivual needs. 

Must be booked on or before October 31st, 2022.

Our World Record Glasswalk

2019, Paris, France 1,500 people.

Is it Safe?

glasswalk on hands!

"Dave glasswalked me and my children. Not only was it a life-changing experience for all of us it continues to inspire me and my children to this day!"

Kristen Hildebrand Smith, Home School Teacher & Mother, York, PA

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