More than mindsetA Philosophy

  • Mindset Training

    Our thoughts are powerful. They have the power to empower or limit us. We teach you how to develop the skills to create and empower your life.

  • Certified Firewalk Instructors

    Our firewalk instructors are trained and certified. Safety is our top priority. We have over 20 years experience conducting firewalks.

  • Education and Development

    Personal Development is the cornerstone of what we do. Whether it is through our event experiences or through personal coaching and education, we are dedicating to teaching positive life affirming skills.


Epic Event Experiences

Our event experiences have been designed to empower individuals and groups to attain the highest levels of personal development. We create experiences that help individuals breakthrough personal blocks and limitations. By overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, we believe people can achieve amazing results in their life and business.

  • Firewalk

    Fire Walking

    We teach the ancient ritual of walking on fire. A motivational and inspirational rite of passage.

  • Wheel

    Board Breaking

    This excerise teaches people the power of their will. A simple martial arts move that creates a powerful metaphoric break-through.

  • Arrow Break

    A intimidating break-through experience that instantly changes someone’s belief system about whats possible.

  • Glass Walk

    Glass Walk

    Extremely popular event discovering one’s focus creating a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Rebar Bend

    Rebar Bend

    An incredible bonding experience between two people that develops the importance of teamwork.

  • Fire Eating

    Fire Eating

    Another dimension to firewalking. Fire eating has been used as a way to confront fears for hundreds of years.


Boone, North Carolina

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happy customers

  • Firewalking showed me what is truly possible!
    Joe Koronoski
    NASA – Space Station Engineer
  • Firewalking changed my life forever!
    Dave Sanderson
    US Airways Flight 1549 – Miracle on the Hudson Survivor, Author, Speaker

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