The FireWalk Experience

Everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.

The Firewalk Experience



Firewalking is an ancient ritual that has existed for thousands of years.
Practiced by different people around the world, it has roots in many
different cultures. The common thread that all firewalking rituals seem to share is that the firewalk itself demonstrates courage, faith and strength — the ability to stand up to one’s fears and take on whatever challenges life sends forth. Firewalking is more than a single act undertaken on a single day of your
life. It is the ultimate metaphor for mastering life’s obstacles — and our
own insecurities and fears about them — through sheer force of will. It is a potent symbol of maximized human potential and of everything that is possible.

What better way to experience a breakthrough than to break a board or a brick? Imagine looking down at a wood board or a brick and breaking through both physically and mentally. What kind of breakthrough do you feel you may have? These are two other experiences that Firewalk Adventures specialize in. The board break is perfect for kids as young as 7 years old! A powerful and fun part of the board break experience is that you would write something you want to move toward on the front and something you want to move away from on the back and then break the board.

(NOTE: Boards are $10.00 each additional).

Up to a full 3-Hour Custom Keynote Motivational & Inspirational Presentation designed around your Company's theme, launch or event... Your Keynote Speaker and GlassWalk Instructor will be none other than Dave Albin.

Dave facilitated a World Record Firewalk with over 12,000 people for Tony Robbins in 2005.

Additionally, he facilitated a World Record GlassWalk in 2019 for over 1,500 articipants in Paris.

Your Firewalk package includes everything mentioned above


All events are pre-planned and scheduled based on the number of attendees, date and location of event. Schedule a discovery call today. We look forward to serving you.

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Why Firewalking?

"I worked with Dave Albin at the Tony Robbins organization for over 15 years. Dave is at the top of his game when it comes to creating life-changing Team Building experiences!"

Dave Sanderson, Author/Public Speaker & Surviver of US Air Flight #1549 Miracle on the Hudson. Charlotte, NC

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