Meet Dave Albin

Dave’s passion for firewalking began in 1995 after attending his first Tony Robbins Seminar. Though he initially resisted the idea of walking on coals exceeding 1000 degrees in temperature, after a little last-minute encouragement, he found himself celebrating at the other end of the fire lane, with a crewmember affirming, “You did it, you did it, you do it!” That was the exact life-changing moment that Dave’s love, passion, and fascination for firewalking was born.

Dave Albin is worlds #1 Firewalk Expert. He is very clear that with great wisdom comes great responsibility, and he takes his gift very seriously. He loves what he does, and watching people change right before his eyes is something he will forever want to facilitate. If you want to firewalk yourself, or you want to put on a firewalk for your family, friends, or company, Dave is your guy. There is a reason that Tony Robbins put his faith and trust in Dave to facilitate firewalks for 17+ years.

If you are looking for team building experiences for your next event, Firewalk Adventures is ready and able to handle your event, large or small. Join us at our location in North Carolina or we also provide full onsite services. Working with event planners is our specialty!

Fear Conqueror