Experience A Paradigm Shift

FireWalk Adventures create paradigm shifting experiences…

Our events and activities are designed to help you breakthrough blocks in your life. By addressing your inner fears and attempting to overcome “the impossible” , wether by walking on fire or glass, or by breaking boards with your bare hands, you take control…YOU breakthrough and accomplish THE IMPOSSIBLE. 

All of our activities are designed to bring you to and through the breaking point where fear leaves us. 

Our events are life changing, they are paradigm shifting, they are designed to empower you !

Events ThatEmpower and Transform

  • Corporate Events

    We know how to bring the excitement and wow factor to your corporate events. Our epic event experience are designed to motivate and inspire.

  • Personal Coaching

    Work one on one with a Master Firewalk and personal development coach to create growth and success in your life and business.

  • Group Experiences

    Group experiences are the best way to overcome and become. We specialize in working with business teams or any other kind of group that wants to be inspired and motivated.


Our numbers are amazing …

Over the past 20+ years we have walked hundreds of thousands of people.

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Fire Walking

Firewalking experiences change lives. Not only are our firewalks thrilling, the process of learning to change your mindset creates life long skill sets.

Glass Walking

Glasswalking is an extremely popular event discovering one’s focus creating a once in a lifetime experience.

Board Break

Board breaking is an exercise that teaches people the power of their will. A simple martial arts move that creates a powerful metaphoric break-through.

Arrow Break

Arrow Breaking is an intimidating break-through experience that instantly changes someone’s belief system about whats possible.

Fire Eating

Fire eating is another dimension to firewalking. Fire eating has been used as a way to confront fears for hundreds of years.

Rebar Bend

Rebar Bending is an incredible bonding experience between two people that develops the importance of teamwork.

Other Services and Event Activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firewalking has been around for thousands of years. It has been used as a rite of passage ritual. A culture and life changing experience that has been used by the Hawaiians, the Polynesians, the Europeans, the Fijians and of course the Native American Indians.

Tony Robbins started using fire walking back in the late 1980’s as a way to demonstrate that when you break through your fears your life can change instantaneously. He still uses fire walking today to create those paradigm life shifts.

Corporate America has recognized how powerful this experience is.

Are you ready?

In the 20+ years of fire walking, having walked hundreds of thousands of people, no one has ever been seriously injured. We’ve all been to the beach and gotten a sunburn and almost all of us went back and did it again. A sunburn is much worse than any minor burn that might occur from fire walking.

99% of the time, no. It’s one of those situations once they see someone else fire walk they realize they can conquer their fears too.

Yes, we fire walked 12,300 people in London in 2005. We glass walked over 1,100 people in Paris in 2017.

Yes. It is very real. Just ask one of our clients like Google, NASA or Notre Dame.

Absolutely, we love small groups, they are much more intimate.

Absolutely, we have done events all over the world, in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Yes, the youngest fire walker was six years old. The youngest glass walker was four years old. Our board breaks are designed for children ages seven to seventeen.