Glasswalking: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience!

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Here at Firewalk Adventures, we get lots of questions about glasswalking: What is it? How does it work? How can I use it as a team building exercise? How can I become a glasswalker? As foremost experts in glasswalking, we’re more than happy to answer those questions for you so you can walk into your glasswalking adventure with confidence! Read on for our beginner’s guide to walking on glass.

What is Glasswalking?

Have you ever wanted to walk across a bed of broken glass shards and emerge unscathed? Well, that’s what glasswalking is! Hundreds of broken, jagged glass bottles are laid out flat for you to walk across. Your bare feet are in complete contact with razor-sharp glass pieces, but when done right, glasswalking is completely safe.

How Does Walking on Glass Work?

To be successful at glasswalking, you need a few basic things: careful concentration, good technique, and safe preparation of the glass bed.
Before your glass walk, you’ll learn techniques from a professional glasswalker. They will make sure that you feel confident to walk across the shards of broken glass safely. You will learn to take slow, careful steps, repositioning your feet before taking the next step if you feel sharp points that are likely to puncture your feet. When you do this, the glass can settle in a way that makes it far less likely to jab into your bare feet.
Also, you can’t just walk across a parking lot that’s full of random broken glass shards! The glasswalking bed is made with a thick bed of broken bottles, just the right amount so that the glass pieces can shift as you walk, preventing cuts and slices. The tiniest, sharpest splinters of glass will settle to the bottom so they won’t puncture your feet. As an extra safety measure, the glass is also sterilized. So, if the glasswalker accidentally cuts their foot, they are unlikely to get an infection.

Remember— glasswalking is still, inherently, a dangerous activity. Do not try it by yourself. You need to know how to walk and how to prepare the broken glass properly before getting started. You should only walk on broken glass under the guidance of a professional!

What Does Glasswalking Feel Like?

Many people also wonder what it feels like to walk across broken glass. The answer isn’t so simple, because different glasswalkers report different sensations. Most people say that it’s easier than they imagined. They can feel the pieces of glass, but they don’t necessarily feel the sharp edges. It feels a lot like walking across gravel or a stone path.

Why Should I Walk on Glass?

Glasswalking helps you build important skills that can help you throughout your life. Specifically, walking on glass enables you to hone your focus and deliberation. You’ll learn to pay close attention, and in doing so, you’ll find that you can do something you never thought possible—you’ll walk across jagged glass shards unharmed! You will emerge on the other side, feeling empowered and confident.

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