The History of Fire Walking

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The History of Fire Walking

Firewalking is a religious ceremony that dates back as far as 1200 BC History suggests that firewalking was practiced as a rite of passage into purification and healing. Firewalking is a commemoration of walking barefooted through fire, the fire being a bed of embers or hot stones, which can release temperatures exceeding 1200°F. Firewalking rituals has been practiced all over the world such as Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, and Greece, just to name a few.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s, 80s, and 90s that firewalking really ignited in the United States. Because it lacked research and theory as to how it could be beneficial to the general public, the first pioneers had to blaze a trail, eventually coming to the realization that firewalking had the ability to inspire others. Although others have used the technique in conjunction with life coaching seminars, Tony Robbins is one of the most well-known for it.

Firewalking has become a mechanism for self-recognition and self-empowerment. The most popular use of fire walking, is during life coaching seminars, helping clients with personal challenges. More specifically fear-based challenges, such as fear in everyday life decisions and limiting beliefs in oneself. Overcoming limiting beliefs and fear by firewalking is known to be universally effective due to firewalking representing a visual metaphor for both the life coach and the client. Firewalking is an art that will never extinguish, through fire walking healing and realization of self-worth can finally begin.

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