Dave Albin – What you see is what you get. 

Professional Profile

Firewalk Adventures
Mar 2014 – Present

Creating Top 10 experiences in people’s lives for a quarter of a Century!

Master Firewalk Instructor, Keynote Speaker, Business Mentor, Life Coach, Author
Firewalk Productions, LLC
Mar 2014 – Present
Boone, North Carolina

We provide dynamic fear, stress and state management experiences for both the Corporate and the Private Sector.

Executive Instructor, Keynote Speaker,
The F.I.R.E Institute
Dec 2014 – Dec 2016
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Master Certification.

Spreading the word to the Corporate World about Corp Firewalk’s.

Anthony Robbins Companies
Jun 1995 – Mar 2014  18 yrs 10 mos

Worked for RRI in production, security and facilitator of the firewalks as both Assistant and Fire-Captain. Having spent a couple thousand hours in a room with Tony Robbins has filled me with knowledge, wisdom and a skilled understanding of human behavior. What a ride, thanks for the memories Tony!!


Anthony Robbins Mastery University

PHD in Results Field Of Study State Management
Dates attended or expected graduation 1995 – 2012

“I have the skills and clear understanding how to create powerful shifts in people’s beliefs using state management and fear based experiences to elevate their self-worth.”Dave Albin
Dave’s History with Firewalking
Dave’s passion for firewalking began in 1995 after attending his first Tony Robbins Seminar. Though he initially resisted the idea of walking on coals exceeding 1000 degrees in temperature, after a little last-minute encouragement, he found himself celebrating at the other end of the fire lane, with a crewmember affirming, “You did it, you did it, you do it!” That was the exact life-changing moment that Dave’s love, passion, and fascination for firewalking was born.

That when Dave’s love, passion, and fascination for firewalking was born.
Later that year, he began crewing for the Anthony Robbins Companies and began his career as a firewalk coach, trainer and facilitator and Assistant Fire-Captain’s position. He also joined Tony Robbins Security Team providing security for many of Tony’s VIPs, celebrities, professional athletes, and special guests. In 2003, Mr. Robbins asked Dave to take over his firewalks as Fire-Captain. In February, 2014, after facilitating 100+ firewalks, Dave retired from the Anthony Robbins Companies to venture out on his own. Dave also facilitated several firewalks for T Harv Eker. His experience is quite impressive, as he and his team have walked over 250,000 people, including setting a record in 2005, with 12,300 people at a single event. He and his team have walked many celebrities, professional athletes, and young children, including Dave’s own, who walked at the ages of 6 and 9.

Dave is one of the most experienced firewalking coaches and facilitators on Earth. He is very clear that with great wisdom comes great responsibility, and he takes his gift very seriously. He loves what he does, and watching people change right before his eyes is something he will forever want to facilitate. If you want to firewalk yourself, or you want to put on a firewalk for your family, friends, or company, Dave is your guy. There is a reason that Tony Robbins put his faith and trust in Dave to facilitate firewalks for 17+ years.

“Stop looking for heroes and be one.”Dave Albin

Excerpt from Dave’s writings…
I’ve watched thousands of transformations in my lifetime. I’ve seen what the firewalk experience does for families including my own children who fire walked when my daughter was six years old and my son was nine. The firewalk meant the building of a foundation for them, an inspiration and a lesson about what’s possible in life. So many young people are told what they cannot do and why they cannot do it. I raised my kids the opposite way, always telling them, “You can do whatever you put your mind to.” They are young adults now, and firewalking still has a profound impact on them today. Both are successful firewalkers, and my son is now one of youngest certified firewalk instructors in the world. My goal was to raise the bar by inspiring them from an early age to think, “I am capable of some very powerful things.”

I’ve seen many people influenced by the positive paradigm shift that happens during a firewalk event. There’s a real profound moment as you look down at those coals. As you take that first step, and then when you get to the other side, you discover what it’s like to feel that fear, embrace that fear, and move beyond that fear. You literally take your life to another level.

When you get close to taking the first step onto that bed of coals, you hear, “He knows when you’re ready. When he says go, you go.” It relieves you of the responsibility of making that decision. That’s temporary, to open your mind to possibilities. Where else in your life have you given away your power?

I’ve watched many hundreds of thousands of people firewalk.  I’ve learned that if they take the first step, they’ll definitely take the second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on, because now it’s about getting to the other side. That first step is quite literally to step forward—to take action. And to do so, they must overcome their own particular brand of fear, whatever it may be. The fear that I had about firewalking was the exact same fear I’ve had about other things in my life: about relationships, about starting my own business, about getting married and having a family.

What is your fear?

Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you that it’s not insurmountable.  You must take that first step. Taking the first step is monumental in reclaiming your power to move forward, to take the first step on the fire, to take the first step toward sobriety, to take charge of your life.

The result is a transformation that is profound beyond words. Then it’s time to stop, wipe your feet, and celebrate! The celebration integrates your new commitment, your new connection, and your new mission. The celebration, in my opinion, helps create your “why.” Your “why” is the foundation of your reason for being.


Taken from Dave’s Chapter on Overcoming Fear in Essential Wisdom‘s book

Personal Development and Soul Transformation

Essential Wisdom- Personal Development and Soul Transformation

Essential Wisdom- Personal Development and Soul Transformation

Dave Albin Awarded Outstanding Speaker at You: Mission Critical NASA