Board Breaking for a Powerful Breakthrough

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Have you ever admired karate masters who break boards in half without flinching? Maybe you’ve never taken a martial arts class, but that shouldn’t stop you from attempting the art of board breaking! With the help of Firewalk Adventures, all your board breaking dreams can come true. And you don’t need any martial arts experience! If you’re up to the challenge, here’s some info on the exciting act of board breaking.

The History of Board Breaking

Board breaking is one of many forms of tameshiwari, which means “breaking” in Japanese. Although board breaking is probably the most famous type of breaking, tameshiwari can also mean breaking other things such as tiles, concrete slabs, or even blocks of ice. Board breaking is associated with multiple forms of martial arts.

Most frequently, people associate board breaking with either karate or the Southeast Asian form of martial arts knows as pencak silat. Both these forms of martial arts are centuries old. They were originally intended to be weapons-free means of defense against domestic violence and government oppression. Now, they are used for self-defense and physical fitness.

Board Breaking in Today’s World

  • Today, martial artists use board breaking as a way of showing their skills and their physical strength.
  • Breaking shows how trained martial artists can apply the techniques they’re learning in an everyday setting.
  • Board breaking is a great way to shock (and entertain!) a crowd.
  • And, when used a team-building exercise, board breaking is an effective way to boost morale and motivate co-workers toward achieving their goals.

The Physics Behind Board Breaking: Speed and Accuracy

The key to successful board breaking is speed. The faster you “cut” with your hand, the more force you’ll be exerting. Speed is your advantage over the board. You can move as fast as you want, but the board will be completely still, as long as it’s being held steady. Research that was done back in the 1970s found that your hand must move at a speed of 20 feet per second to break a piece of pine that is one-inch thick. That’s just over 13 ½ miles per hour!

Another key to board breaking is accuracy. You have to make sure your hand is hitting the board at just the right spot. If you hit the edge of the board, it won’t break. In order to improve your accuracy, you have to practice! The more you practice on other objects before you attempt to break the board, the more likely you are to break the board in half when you attempt it.

When your hand hits the immobile board at a fast speed (of at least 20 feet per second), the board will oscillate. It won’t be able to take the amount of force beating down on it. The board will snap, and you’ll feel a sense of pride!

Board Breaking Tips

You should never attempt board breaking without learning about the art of tameshiwari first. Here are a few board breaking tips to get you started.

Use Soft Woods

You need to start with the right materials, e.g., wood. Woods like oak or plywood are harder, and you’ll be more likely to injure yourself if you use them. Ideally, you should use pine wood. It’s softer (as soft as wood can be), so you’re less likely to get hurt. If you still think the wood is too hard, you can “bake” the pine in the oven for a little while. This will dry the board out and make it split more easily.

Aim at a Steady Target

If the person who is holding your board is always moving, you’re going to have a more difficult time breaking the board. You will also be more likely to injure yourself if you’re trying to hit a moving target. Make sure the person with the board is holding it as still as humanly possible.

Use Expert Supervision

Even with these board breaking tips, you shouldn’t attempt board breaking without an expert standing by. If you’re not using the correct method, you could get seriously injured. You can get expert training from the top name in corporate team-building: Firewalk Adventures. With our guidance, you’ll have nothing to worry about. We’ll make sure you and your whole team are safe!

Why You Need to Experience Board Breaking!

From the outside, board breaking looks impossible. But anyone can break a board as long as they are committed. You just have to follow the instructions and really give it your all. This is a great life lesson that everyone can benefit from. You’ll know that with the right mindset and determination, you can do anything! You’ll feel unstoppable, which will push you toward achieving your goals.

Also, board breaking gives you confidence! There’s nothing like quite literally breaking down the barriers in front of you. That will motivate you toward meeting other challenges that your company might be facing.

And finally, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love board breaking. It only lasts a few seconds, but you still get that intense rush! Board breaking is also much more accessible compared to other thrill-seeking adventures like skydiving or bungee jumping.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to start board breaking with your whole office. Firewalk Adventures will provide the materials, training, and safety measures you need to make your board breaking experience a success. In the end, you’ll feel great, and your whole team will experience increased morale.

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