Firewalk Expert Dave Albin – What it takes to be the worlds #1 Firewalking Event Expert

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ABOUT DAVE ALBIN, #1 FIREWALK EXPERT IN THE WORLD —————————————————————————————– Dave’s passion for firewalking began in 1995 after attending his first Tony Robbins Seminar. Though he initially resisted the idea of walking on coals exceeding 1000 degrees in temperature, after a little last-minute encouragement, he found himself celebrating at the other end of the fire lane, with a crewmember affirming, …

Hello world, I am Dave Albin !

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Hello world and welcome to my new website. I have been a firewalk instructor for nearly 2 decades. I have helped over 300,000 people firewalk. I am super excited to launch our new website. Feel free to send me a message via our contact page. Thanks for visiting ! Exciting things to come. Dave

The History of Fire Walking

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The History of Fire Walking Firewalking is a religious ceremony that dates back as far as 1200 BC History suggests that firewalking was practiced as a rite of passage into purification and healing. Firewalking is a commemoration of walking barefooted through fire, the fire being a bed of embers or hot stones, which can release temperatures exceeding 1200°F. Firewalking rituals …