“Stop looking for hero’s and be one.”

Dave Albin

It started with an idea…

Firewalk Productions, LLC was founded by Dave Albin in March 2014. Throughout Dave’s 20+ year career with Tony Robbins & T Harv Eker he realized there was HUGE potential creating fear and state management experiences for Corp America. 

Dave recognized that the market for life changing and paradigm shift experiences like Firewalking and Glasswalking at the Corporate, Business and Private level was something he knew he could deliver at a very high level.

Since opening Dave has added several other life changing experiences and breakthrough activities such as Board Breaking, Brick Breaking, Arrow Break, Re-Bar Bend, Trust Fall, Flash Mob, Fire Eating, Conscious Breathing & Breath Work, Low Ropes Course, High Ropes Course, Drum Circles, Mountain & Rock Climbing and Driving Race Cars.  

Dave also wanted to offer Firewalking in a truly spectacular location open to the general public. He settled in the High Country of North Carolina where hundreds of thousands of people visit and vacation every year. 

It is Dave’s vision to turn Boone into the Firewalk Capital of the World. 

“I am VERY grateful to the community of Boone & Blowing Rock and the wonderful support and enthusiasm they have shown me” – Dave Albin 

This area of North Carolina is an adventurers paradise, offering Skiing, Snow Tubing, Mountain Climbing, Repelling, Superior Hiking, Incredible Fishing, Rafting, Kayaking, Water Tubing and MUCH MORE. 

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Dave’s Professional Bio

Our History


In 1989, Dave discovered the personal development teachings of Anthony Robbins. Robbins teaching greatly impacted Dave’s life and set him on a life long mission of personal growth. 


In 1995, Dave attends his first Tony Robbins Firewalk and went on to crew later that same year. 


Dave was hired by Robbins to crew his Unleash The Power Within events. He worked personal security for Anthony Robbins. In 2003, Dave went on to become the “Fire Captain” facilitating all of Tony Robbin’s firewalks globally. 


Dave and his Team facilitated the largest Firewalk ever attempted in London in 2005 where 12,300 people firewalked.


In 2014 Dave founded Firewalk Adventures and Firewalk Productions LLC. His clients included such notable corporations as Google, General Electric, Remax Real Estate, Duke University, Empower Network. 


2017 has been a great year for Firewalk Adventures conducting glass walks and fire walks for REMAX, The University of Notre Dame, The Academy School and NASA. We set a world record in Paris where we glass walked over  1,100 people. 


Firewalk Adventures is bringing in the new year with several events booked. We are excited about the life changing events including glass walking and fire walking. Book an event with us today to motivate and inspire your people and raise your company’s culture! 


2019 had all the makings of our best year ever. We went back to Paris and glass walked over 1,500 people. We had another spectacular glass walk in Montreal for 400 participants. One of the most impactful fire walks of this year was done in Costa Mesa at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for 150 participants. A wonderful business relationship and friendship has developed with the owners of that company. After two years in the making, we did a fire walk in downtown Louisville Kentucky at the Omni Hotel for a very successful network marketing company with over 300 participants. We did a glass walk and board break event in Myrtle Beach South Carolina to raise money and awareness for PTSD, child abuse, domestic violence, bullying and sex trafficking. Our travels and events took us to Vegas, Seal Beach California and Lake Havasu. Very grateful and thankful to all our current and new clients this year! 

Why us?

We are the best of the best at creating and delivering paradigm shift experiences. Dave Albin and his team have firewalked over 250,000 thousand people.

No one in the Industry comes anywhere close.

Our reputation is second to none. Dave and his Team facilitated the largest Firewalk ever attempted in London in 2005 where 12,300 people firewalked.

the firewalk team

Dave Albin
David Albin Jr
Avie Albin
Mark Robinson
Justin Wasilkowski
Thad Paris
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